Best Game Controllers for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Mobile gaming on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an immersive experience, thanks to its large display and powerful performance. However, to truly elevate your gaming sessions, a good game controller is essential. In this article, we will explore some of the best game controllers that can transform your iPhone 13 Pro Max into a portable gaming powerhouse.

1. Razer Kishi

Overview: The Razer Kishi is a universal gaming controller that brings a console-like experience to your iPhone. Its flexible design ensures a secure fit for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


  • Direct Lightning Connection: Offers low latency gaming, which is crucial for competitive and action-packed games.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ensures comfortable gaming sessions.
  • Expandable: Fits snugly with a variety of phones, not just the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Why It Stands Out: The Razer Kishi is perfect for gamers who want a blend of portability and responsiveness.

2. SteelSeries Nimbus+

Overview: The Nimbus+ is an upgrade from its predecessor, offering a familiar layout that appeals to console gamers.


  • Long Battery Life: Up to 50 hours of gameplay.
  • Clickable Joysticks: Enhances the gaming experience with precise control.
  • Apple Arcade Compatibility: Perfect for exploring Apple’s gaming subscription service.

Why It Stands Out: The Nimbus+ is ideal for those who prioritize battery life and compatibility with a wide range of games.

3. Backbone One

Overview: Specifically designed for iPhone, the Backbone One turns your device into a handheld gaming console.


  • No Charging Required: Uses iPhone’s battery, ensuring uninterrupted gaming.
  • Low Latency Gameplay: Direct connection to the iPhone’s Lightning port.
  • Backbone App Integration: Offers a unique social experience and game discovery.

Why It Stands Out: The Backbone One is perfect for iPhone users seeking an integrated gaming experience with social features.

4. 8BitDo Pro 2

Overview: The 8BitDo Pro 2 is a versatile controller that appeals to retro gamers and modern players alike.


  • Customizable Buttons: Tailor your gaming experience to your preference.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works with iPhone, PC, and other platforms.
  • Retro Design: Appeals to fans of classic gaming.

Why It Stands Out: This controller is a great choice for gamers who enjoy customization and a touch of nostalgia.


Choosing the right game controller for your iPhone 13 Pro Max depends on your gaming style and preferences. Whether it’s the console-like feel of the Razer Kishi, the longevity of the SteelSeries Nimbus+, the integrated experience of the Backbone One, or the customizable nature of the 8BitDo Pro 2, there’s a controller out there that can significantly enhance your mobile gaming experience.


Q: Will these controllers fit other iPhone models?

A: Most of these controllers are designed to be compatible with a range of iPhone models, but it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Q: Can I use these controllers for cloud gaming?

A: Yes, these controllers are excellent for cloud gaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce NOW.

Q: Are these controllers suitable for all types of games?

A: Absolutely, these controllers are versatile and enhance the gaming experience across various genres, from action games to RPGs.

Remember, the right controller can make all the difference in your mobile gaming journey. Happy gaming!

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