Best Optical To RCA Converter

Best optical to RCA converters are useful when you have a device with a optical output, but you need to convert it to RCA format, for example, to use it on a device with RCA inputs. Although there are numerous optical converters on the market, some are more suitable for certain tasks than others.

It’s not a new technology, but with the advent of blu-ray and HDTV, they are becoming increasingly popular. There are quite a few of them on the market. However, there is a rather large disparity in their price tag. Some are extremely cheap and almost disposable, while others are rather expensive.


Top 5 Best Optical To Analog RCA Converter

The converter market is flooded with different models of high-quality converters. However, which one is the best? In order to answer this question, we have gathered a list of the top 5 best picks.

1. Musou Digital Optical Coaxial to RCA Converter

The Musou DAC Optical Coaxial to RCA (L/R) Stereo Audio Adapter lets you connect an optical or coaxial digital audio source to an RCA-enabled audio system or DAC. It is a perfect solution for people who want to access music from their computers, game consoles, or other digital media players using a high-quality DAC.

Highlighted feature

This adapter will convert optical or coaxial audio into stereo RCA output. It also supports coaxial and optical input, so it can be used to convert RCA to coaxial or optical output too.

Digital Optical to RCA Converter

Why you should buy it?

Connects optical or coaxial (S/PDIF) digital audio output from a computer, DVD/Blu-ray player, or other digital device to an analog stereo input on your home theater receiver.  A perfect solution for those wanting to connect a digital audio output device to an analog input on a home theater receiver or stereo system.  Just connect the 3.5mm plug to your digital audio device, and connect the RCA jacks to the analog input on your home theater receiver.  No external power supply or drivers required.  This is a perfect solution for connecting your new computer to a home theater receiver, or to convert audio from an older device to RCA jacks to connect to a newer device.


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2. PROZOR 192KHz optical audio to Analog L/R RCA

ProZor 192 kHz Digital to Analog Audio Converter is designed using a 192 kHz/24-bit high-performance digital audio converter. It converts digital audio (such as those from CD/DVD/Blu-Ray players or computer) to analog audio (for use with an amplifier or receiver) with minimal noise and distortion.

Highlighted feature

  • PROZOR is the highest quality 192KHz digital to analog converter.
  • This 192KHz digital to analog converter converts digital audio from your computer, and other digital audio sources, to analog and outputs it to your home theater, headphones or powered speakers.

PROZOR 192KHz Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Why you should buy it?

You can not get the best sound from any digital source without a good DAC. If you’re using an external digital device such as a TV or a streamer, then you’re really going to want the best. The Prozor 192KHz is the best.


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3. DONGJIAN Digital to Analog Audio Converter 192kHz DAC

DONGJIAN is an audio interface and analog output sound card that provides a great solution for connecting your computer to your home stereo or powered speakers. Besides, this device does not produce any noise. DONGJIAN Converter is a dedicated Hi-Fi audio product. It has a multi-channel input consisting of optical (TOSLINK) and an RCA analog (AUX). It can output a multi-channel analogue audio signal via the RCA analog output. This way, a computer can be connected to a Hi-Fi audio system seamlessly. Moreover, this device has a built-in DAC, so it can also output digital audio signals via the optical output. Coaxial to Stereo L/R and 3.5mm Jack for PS4 Xbox HDTV DVD Headphone

Highlighted feature

  • This  DAC is an external audio digital to analog converter, designed to solve the problem of inadequate sound quality of the computer audio output. The standard USB input and USB output, USB powered, easy to use, has both support windows and MAC system.
  • DAC is an abbreviation for digital-to-analog converter, used in consumer audio equipment to convert the usually digital signal from the CD or DVD player to an analog signal that goes to a preamplifier. This DAC chip is a PCM input chip, supporting up to 192kHz/24bit, and DSD decoding up to DSD128.

Why you should buy it?

It can convert digital audio files from USB port to analog audio output. it can convert digital music from CD, DVD, and other digital audio formats. The DONGJIAN device is an ideal solution for connecting your digital audio files to your home stereo or other audio system.


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4. Amazon Basics 96KHz DAC

This item is a 96KHz DAC Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA Audio Converter Adapter with Fiber and Coax Cable. The design is a small box with connections for both fiber optic and coaxial cables, with a socket for plugging in the digital optical audio cable that is connected to the optical port of the source – if it has one. The purpose is to convert the digital audio stream (a stream of 1s and 0s) into analog audio (what you hear) as an alternative to using an expensive sound card in PC.

Amazon Basics 96KHz DAC

Highlighted feature

  • With this DAC, you can now enjoy high-fidelity music from your digital coaxial or fiber optic audio source, such as your TV, DVD player or Blu-ray player, through your stereo amplifier and speakers.
  • The Amazon Basics DAC is an audio adapter that can be used to convert digital optical audio to analog RCA output. The adapter is designed to fit digital optical audio output from any device that is capable of outputting digital audio.

Why you should buy it?

The AmazonBasics 96KHz DAC Adapter with Fiber and Coax Cable allows you to connect your CD, DVD, or bluray player directly to your home theater receiver, or powered speakers, using digital audio via a fiber optic or coaxial digital audio connection. Supports Dolby digital and DTS surround sound, digital optical and coaxial …


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5. Fosmon A1602 RCA Splitter

This 3-way splitter allows you to switch between 3 different RCA devices. This splitter can distribute source audio/video to 3 displays or receivers. The RCA connector is a popular choice for audio and video connections between audio/video components. If you have 3 RCA audio/video devices, this splitter cable will solve your problem.  It’s easy to connect one end of the cable to your TV or receiver and the other end to your DVD player or camcorder, and you’re ready to go.  This cable is ideal for anyone with a DVD player or camcorder that lacks the input to connect to their TV.

Fosmon A1602 RCA Splitter


Highlighted feature

  • The Fosmon RCA splitter lets you easily connect your A/V devices to your TV using a single RCA connection. The high quality RCA cables also provide the best signal strength for the best picture quality, eliminating any distortion.
  • The Fosmon RCA Splitter allows you to connect 3 RCA video sources to a single RCA connection. The splitter supports a video resolution up to 1080p and is ideal for home theater applications, allowing you to connect 3 devices to your HDTV or home theater receiver.

Why you should buy it?

If you need to send the audio and video signals from three RCA output devices to your TV, then the Fosmon RCA splitter is exactly what you need. This RCA splitter can be used in a classroom, home entertainment center or office to split the audio and video signals from your satellite box, DVD player, VCR, camcorder, game console or other RCA output devices to your TV. The RCA splitter includes cable to connect to your TV, so you can enjoy a great picture and sound.

What is The Best Optical to RCA Converter

There are many different types of converters on the market, and it can be hard to choose the right one for your gadgets. Optical converters are one of the most popular options for connecting old audio devices with new televisions. There are also coaxial converters, which have more limited uses but can work with older technology.

  • It is the one that can convert your digital audio or video using light to a standard RCA connector.
  • The main feature of this converter is that it can digitally convert audio or video using fiber optic or coaxial cables to an analog audio or video that can be played on your analog audio or video player such as your TV or cable box.
  • Using a converter is a great way to experience your TV with an old sound system.

Do you want to connect your TV to a hi-fi optical sound system? If you do, you will need an optical to RCA converter. Take your pick from the many different products available on Amazon. Just make sure that whatever you choose can properly take the digital optical signal from your Blu-ray player or satellite box and make it into an analog signal your old school sound system can play.

How to Choose The Best Optical to RCA Converter?

Choosing an optical to rca converter is a matter of knowing your options. Here are some things you should take into account:
  1. The number of channels the optical audio converter is intended to handle.
  2. The highest frequency you expect the converter to handle.
  3. Whether the converter will be used for commercial or home entertainment.

You should choose this converter, If you want to connect your DVD player, digital TV, CD Player, MP3 Player, HDTV, Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Wii to your TV, LCD or Plasma monitor.

As a consumer, you have some options when it comes to purchasing a converter. Should you purchase a digital converter or an analog converter? What about one that converts to bluetooth? While there is a lot of information available to consumers, it can be difficult to wade through all of it.

DAC Guide Digital Toslink to Analog RCA Converter

Most individuals don’t know much about audio converters. This leads to the mistaken belief that they are no more sophisticated than a standard signal converter when individuals begin their search for one. In other words, no different from turning one sort of connection port into another type of connection port. DACs, on the other hand, are significantly more advanced. Because when you’re transferring an audio transmission, even slight adjustments in the signal might wind up influencing the way things sound.

Any audiophile will tell you that selecting audio equipment may be a very difficult task to do. But the good news is that selecting a DAC may be a bit of an exception. Especially if you want to connect the DAC to your television rather than a big audio system for surround sound. In any case, you’re generally just going to have to worry about three selection criteria:

Connectivity Types

You’ll have no issue locating DACs which give both coaxial and optical input/output choices. Adapters with 3.5mm audio ports and RCA connections are also readily available. But how many of each port, and in what ratio will you locate them? What type of gadgets are you wanting to connect? Are you attempting to connect your gaming console or a television? Answering such types of questions might help steer you in the proper way.

Audio is available.

You may wish to pay attention to the resolution supported by the adapter. Typical support begins at about 32kHz sampling rates, and gradually expands out towards 96kHz. Even the cheapest and most unremarkable DACs now handle 24-bit sound, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll need one.
Depending on the quality of your speakers or headphones, the DAC might be even more significant. Because when your audio equipment reaches a certain level, you may start to notice the difference between one amplifier and another. What you may term a speaker’s “voice” is really the amplifier’s distinct sound.
You may also need to seek particularly for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound capability. Most low-cost DACs won’t be able to handle these file types, but there are a few out there that can get you there.

Building Quality

You won’t have to ruminate too much on this criteria. But it helps to know that your equipment isn’t going to cease operating the first time it gets bumped. And it helps to know that your connection headers won’t come off when put under the least amount of horizontal tension. Without addressing the DAC in question, it might be difficult to detect these types of issues.
Depending on how long you anticipate on making use of your DAC, you may also want to investigate gold plated connecting connectors. Gold isn’t the only metal that can be used to But when it comes to audio equipment, it’s one of the best and simplest to recognize.

Avantree DAC

Among the brands on our list, Avantree may be the least well-known, but its DAC is anything from cheap. To be fair, this is a good entry-level option for those who just need to use a DAC in conjunction with two or three other devices. Because of this, the Avantree DAC may not be suitable for everyone, but it will certainly appeal to a certain demographic of audiophiles.

Layout and design

The Avantree DAC is a basic digital-to-analog converter (DAC) intended for use with a home theater system. Physically speaking, it’s got a rather modest 3.4 x 0.9 x 2.3-inch construction, and it weighs just under three ounces. Certainly small enough to build almost anyplace, or carry with you if required.
The chassis is built from black and gray ABS plastic. It appears cheap, but the quality of build is really fairly robust. ABS is very heat-resistant and long-lasting. That is to say, the first time you drop this DAC, it won’t be a total loss. But how about really utilizing it?

Connections and Usability

The audio input choices include both coaxial and optical connections. For outputs, you’re looking at 3.5mm AUX or RCA connectors. This is very ordinary fare for the genre. The side of the device contains an on/off switch, which may effectively operate as a mute button. It’s also wonderful they’ve designed the switch in bright yellow, providing it a strong contrast, and readily enabling you to see the current setting from afar.
You’ll also see a volume wheel there, which you may use to adjust the volume. The Avantree DAC has a huge volume wheel instead of a tiny one that barely protrudes from the chassis. This allows you to maneuver two or three fingers around it. Because you can spin the knob in smaller increments with larger wheels, you have more precise volume control.

Additional Considerations

The Avantree DAC’s overall output impedance is 32 ohms. This isn’t much different from what you’d receive from a desktop PC in terms of output. The sampling rate, on the other hand, ranges from 32 to 192 KHz with 16 to 24-bit music. To put it another way, the kind of music you wish to play via this gadget is essentially irrelevant. The one thing this DAC isn’t able to accomplish is powering high impedance headphones, but that’s really something you’ll only discover would conflict with utilizing particular kinds of audiophile equipment.
It may be worth mentioning that the audio format supported include LPCM and PCM. That enables this converter to be used not just for headphones, but for TVs and similar big devices. That may include Blu-ray players, AV amplifiers, Satellite receivers, and so on. You can even connect gaming consoles. Though this converter doesn’t feature a lot of accessories, and it cannot be used to boost headphones, it does have a two-year guarantee.

So, which DAC Digital Toslink To Analog RCA Converter is the best?

In order to make this choice, we looked at whether the converter can be used for both input and output. A high-quality construction and, most crucially, a loudspeaker with excellent audio output are required.
The best converter we’ve found that offers all of these features at a reasonable price is the…

Audioengine D1 Portable Desktop Headphone Amp and DAC


Coaxial inputs are not available, however it’s the least popular choice. With USB and optical inputs, as well as built-in amplification, it’s an excellent choice.

Digital to Analog Converters Prices

The cost is mostly determined by the sort of unit you need. Between $10 and $30 is the range of pricing you’ll discover for converting digital to analog devices. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something for work or just for fun, there are lots of high-quality options available in this price range.

How To Use It?

The converter has user-friendly instructions that are simple to follow. First, you plug the optical to rca converter into a USB port on your computer. Then, you plug your speakers into the rca connectors.

Easy to use

Use our converter when you need to convert an optical audio into a rca analog form. This product is PROZOR (What you see is what you get) and is easy to install and simple to operate. The converter comes with easy to follow instructions which will allow you to install the product within minutes.
  • You should connect the “converter” to the coaxial or toslink digital audio out of your home theater. once you connect it you should start using the “converter” by hooking it up to a speaker wire.

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How do You Converter a TV Optical Audio Out to RCA?

So, you need to convert your TV optical audio out to RCA, because the converter that came with the cable box is broken. In this post, we will explain how you can do this yourself with just a few simple tools and no technical experience. The main thing to remember is that all you are converting is the audio, so only the center cable will be needed for this quick cable hack. This is a good example of a blog post that has a niche, but the niche is a bit broad. The author could, with a little bit of effort, get into a sub-niche of this specific thing (TV audio output converters) but doing so would require more research and time spent on the blog post.

  • Converters are devices that translate, or convert, data from one form to another. This can refer to data in digital versus analog form, or data from one type of computer interface to another. Converters can be internal components within other electronic devices, and they can also be stand-alone devices.
  • Converting optical audio out to RCA is a simple process which consists of connecting a cable from the optical output of your TV to the RCA input of an audio amplifier.
  • The audio output from most televisions is an optical digital output. For this, you need to buy a digital audio-to-analog converter and connect it to the TV’s optical audio output.

How to Hook RCA Speakers to Optical Audio Converter?

Many consumers buy expensive optical audio converters to connect their home theater systems to their televisions. Unfortunately, these converters don’t always work as advertised. In this article, we will tell you how to hook up your RCA speakers to an optical audio. You will need to unplug your RCA cables from their current location and plug them into the converter box.

  • You will need to get a converter that is capable of carrying sound signals from analog to digital. These converters are easily available online.
  • You should connect the red and white audio cables from the converter’s output to the RCA jacks of the speaker.

An optical audio converter is a device that converts an optical signal from a digital audio source to an analog signal, which are then sent to the component of your home theatre system that plays audio. Some common optical connections are to your television (if it has an optical audio jack), a DVD player, or a Blue-ray player.

The diagram below shows the most common type of optical audio cable. It’s a TOS-link cable, also known as an STP cable. It’s a fiber optic cable that has a red and white RCA plug on one end and a red and white TOS-link plug on the other end. What this means is that you’ll need an optical audio converter that accepts TOS-link cables

What is the purpose of DAC?

Your headphones can only produce sound when they are fed an analog signal from the DAC, which has been converted to digital. Like headphone amplifiers, standalone DACs arose in reaction to poor sound quality at the retail level.

With this in mind, what are some examples of digital to analog converters?

Using the help of a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), you may operate electrical devices like stirrer motors with digital signals generated by computers.

What is the process for converting a digital signal to an analog signal?

Resistor networks may be used to accomplish digital-to-analog conversions, and the conversion time is typically in the nanoseconds. The output of a D to A converter reflects the step nature of the input signal since digital information is a step approximation of that signal.

What is noise reduction?

Analog signal processing methods are used to minimize the amount of background noise generated by other devices in order to achieve noise reduction. Noise suppression capabilities, such as Smart Noise Cancelling, are needed to provide the greatest possible audio quality.

Are RCA Cables Still Used?

The previous RCA standard for HD audio and video has been replaced by HDMI. Because it is digital, HDMI automatically outperforms analog RCA. Also, it is capable of broadcasting HD audio, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio, which is the only format capable of this. On the other hand, RCA cables are still in use. People still use RCAs for various purposes, such as vintage camcorders and the like, which necessitates their removal from storage.

Final Verdict

There are many kinds of converters available on the internet. They vary in design, and not all of them are good. It’s important that you make sure a converter you are planning to buy is of high quality. By making sure the design is good, will go a long way in determining how useful it is.

So, now that we’ve covered the basics of what an optical to analog audio converter is and how to use one, the only thing left to do is choose a model. If you’re looking for a device that’s simple to set up and use, the PROZOR is your best bet. It’s a compact, lightweight converter that works well with just about any audio setup you can think of. If you have a high-end sound system, or want to use your converter as part of a home theater system, you should look for a model with HDMI capabilities. You can check also

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