Best Wireless Controller for SNES Classic

Whether you’re looking for the best wireless controller for SNES Classic to stream your SNES Classic games to your TV, or just want to play them on your phone or tablet, you’ll need It that can connect to your device. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there, from official to third-party controllers, so you’ll have no problem finding one that can match your preferences. Since we’re talking about the SNES Classic, we’ll only be focusing on controllers for the original console. If you are looking for a SNES Classic wireless controller, here is what you need to know and top picks.

The 5 Best SNES Classic Wireless Controller

Top 3 Wireless Controller For SNES Classic

HORI Fighting Commander Wireless Controller

Our Rating - 4.9/5

Hyperki Premium 2.4 GHz NES Classic Edition
SNES Classic Mini Wireless Controller

Top 5 Best Wireless Controller For SNES Classic For People Who Love Video Games

If you are looking for wireless controllers, there are a lot of places you can buy them. Ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, and more. But which ones are the best for your SNES Classic? Look no more. I’ve created this list to help you choose. I’ll be listing the top 5 best pick for the SNES Classic.

#1: 8Bitdo SN30 2.4G Wireless Controller for SNES Classic Edition

The retro-inspired 8bitdo SN30 2.4G wireless controller for the SNES Classic Edition is a wireless bluetooth controller built for the latest in game consoles including the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Raspberry Pi, Windows PC, Mac, Android, Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield, and PlayStation 4. Classic way to play the SNES Classic Edition. Also work with Nintendo Switch, Windows system, PC, Mac, Steam and Android. Simple, quick, and easy to use. The 8Bitdo SN30 is a retro-inspired Bluetooth controller designed to work with the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition. 8Bitdo Snes controller for real SNES Classic Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console.8Bitdo SN30 2.4G Wireless Controller for SNES Classic Edition [nintendo_super_NES]

Special Features

  • This retro SNES-style controller works with the Nintendo Classic Edition and Windows.
  • It’s also got the retro controller look, with a design based on the original 90s Super NES controller.
  • It suitable for Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Mac OS and Linux.

Why You Should Buy It

It is the new 8Bitdo controller for the SNES Classic Edition. The controller is based on the same design as other 8Bitdo controllers, but differs in that it is specifically for the SNES Classic Edition. It is powered by a lithium ion battery which stores enough power for a continuous use of 30 hours. The controller can be used while charging, but the charging time is about 8 hours. Design: The controller is designed to feel right at home in your hands. It’s ergonomic shape is comfortable for long play sessions.


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#2: Jadebones Wireless Turbo Controller for SNES Mini Classic

Jadebones gaming controller is compatible with RetroPie Raspbian operating system and it comes with turbo function and it can play games on game console such as SNES Classic Edition / Super Nintendo.  This wireless gamepad is made of high quality material with ergonomic design.  It is a perfect gift for all ages.  You can choose from a variety of colors.  It is a high-performance controller with a special turbo button.  The turbo button can add 10 points to the score of the games.  It is a controller with a working distance of 10 meters.

Jadebones Wireless Turbo Controller

Special Features

This is a brand new, wireless, turbo controller joystick for Super NES SNES Classic Edition that will give you much convenience when you play games. The controller is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last for 20 hours after every charge. It can connect to your SNES system wirelessly via Bluetooth, and you can play it for a long time without worrying about the controller’s power. Since the turbo controller is for the Super NES, you can use it in playing all of your favorite games.

Why You Should Buy It

This Turbo controller joystick gamepad is a controller, designed to work with Nintendo Switch(Classic Edition) and Super NES Classic Edition (SNES Mini). It is a plug and play controller, no driver needed.  It connects to the Switch console via Bluetooth and has a range of up to 30ft.This controller has a USB charging cable built in and comes with a USB wall adapter.  The controllers work for all game consoles: PS4, PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch(Classic Edition) and Super NES Classic Edition (SNES Mini).


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#3: HORI Super SNES Classic Wireless Controller Pad

HORI Super SNES Classic Edition Fighting Commander Controller Pad Officially Licensed by Nintendo is a controller that allows you to enjoy the “retro” feel of classic games on your computer. It features a six-button layout that delivers the same interface as that of original Super NES control pads, the controller allows you to play games on a computer using the wireless receiver you connect to the USB port.


HORI Super SNES Classic Edition

Special Features

This HORI Super SNES Classic Edition Fighting Commander Controller Pad Officially Licensed by Nintendo is a US Layout, 2.4 GHz gaming controller for the Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition console. It allows wireless gaming with your Super NES Classic Edition console without the need to plug in any wires!

Reason To Buy

This controller is built for those who love classic games. The HORI Super SNES Classic Edition Fighting Commander Controller Pad Officially Licensed by Nintendo is compatible with the SNES Classic console. This controller will allow you to play your favorite classic games from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It features a re-creation of the classic Super Famicom design with a re-inforced d-pad and face buttons. It has a wireless range of approximately 30′ and offers a six-foot USB cable for charging.


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#4: Hyperkin “Scout” Premium 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller

The “Scout” is a premium controller that pairs to the SNES Classic and NES Classic via Bluetooth. It has the feel of a retro controller, but with the benefit of modern wireless technology. The “Scout” comes with a USB charging cable and a 10′ USB charging cable. It has a rechargeable battery that will last for 18 hours of gameplay or 8 hours to charge the controller (rechargeable battery life may vary). The controller includes turbo and autofire features, and a switch to toggle between 1.0 and 2.0 modes. The quick-start guide shows you how to get to 2.0 mode. This controller is also compatible with Windows PC and Mac.

Hyperkin "Scout" Premium 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller

Special Features

This controller is a premium controller that allows you to play Super Nintendo games on the  SNES Classic (or NES Classic). The controller has a 2.4GHz wireless connection, so you can play with it from up to 30 feet away. It is compatible with the SNES Classic and the NES Classic. The controller features a classic d-pad, a pair of analog sticks, four action buttons, and two micro switches for each player.

Why You Should Buy It

The Hyperkin Classic Controller is a modern featuring a receiver that plugs directly into the console for quick set up and compatibility with the original controller layout.


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#5: Ortz SNES Classic Mini Wireless Controller

The Ortz SNES Classic controller mini connects to your console from a distance of up to 30 feet, so you can sit back and enjoy hours of classic games without getting up to change the channel.  The SNES classic controller allows you to easily connect with Nintendo Switch, PC and any other device that supports a Bluetooth connection. This is an original wired Super Nintendo/SNES controller. This controller can be used for the Super Nintendo/SNES Classic. This controller is 100% functional and in good shape.

SNES Classic Mini Wireless Controller [Turbo Edition] Super Nintendo Cordless Gamepad Joypad

Special Features

  • The Turbo Edition does not have a Turbo adapter, so it is much easier to control. The Turbo Edition has a special function called Turbo Mode.
  • This super Nintendo classic controller has a turbo function that allows you to play faster than ever. It can store up to 4 save files!
  • This retro controller for Super Nintendo Classic Edition / Retro NES Classic Edition has the same feel and response as the original, but with the convenience of modern wireless technology.
  • Upgraded Version of Turbo Wired Controller.
  • The Turbo Edition uses a momentary push button that works like those on the Turbo Controller of Super Nintendo.
  • It also uses a new Bluetooth chip that has higher speed and stability.

Why You Should Buy It

The Ortz Controller is a new product that’s becoming popular. It is a controller that supports the original console, Nintendo Classic Mini. With this controller, you can feel the comfort and ease with its wireless design and original button layout. You can play comfortably for a long time.


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What is a SNES Classic?

A SNES Classic is a video game console that is similar to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The SNES Classic Mini is a new version of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or SNES, for short). It is a tiny version of the console that originally hit the market in 1991. It has the standard SNES controller ports and outputs the same 8-bit graphics that made the original so famous.SNES Classic


While the SNES Classic Mini is a smaller version of the original, it does have some special features that might make it more appealing to those who enjoy retro gaming. Aside from the standard console buttons, the SNES Classic Mini also has two mini controllers that can be plugged into the main console. These controllers are fitted with longer cords so they can be set up like a more modern gaming console.

Retro style gaming console:

The SNES classic edition is a retro style gaming console brought back to life by the geniuses at Nintendo. It was designed to be an emulated version of the gaming platform that dominated the nineties. Its overall design and general features are similar to the original one that was launched way back in the day.

The gaming console is small and neat with a preloaded list of twenty games built in. The SNES classic edition is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. This can be charged via a USB cable, and it does not need any extra power adapters.


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How to Connect Your Wireless Controller to SNES Classic

Wireless controllers are a great alternative to their wired counterparts, giving you the freedom to move about while playing video games. But if you have a SNES Classic, you can’t use one out of the box. There’s no wireless controller option for the SNES Classic, so you need to connect a controller to the console. The SNES Classic doesn’t come with a USB port, so you need to use a controller adapter.

The SNES classic is a throw-back to the 90s, but the controller only has a 30 foot range. So, if you want to play your SNES classic from another room, how can you connect your controller wirelessly to your SNES classic?

Here’s how:

A controller that is designed for the SNES classic will need to have a USB receiver. That receiver will plug into your console. Plug the controller receiver into your SNES classic. Plug the controller into the receiver. Turn on your SNES classic. The virtual keyboard will pop up on the screen. Select “WFC (Wireless connection)” on your controller.

Do the following:

Press the small button at the bottom of the controller unit with the tip of a pen or other thin object. Connect the controller to your console with the cable that came with the system. Connect the AC adapter to the controller.


How To use a Wireless Controller

The original SNES Classic controller is a classic in its own right: comfortable, reliable, and hard to break, it’s been a favorite of gamers for decades. That hasn’t stopped fans from demanding wireless controls for the new iteration of the device, and the good news is that there are some great options available.

One of the best ways to enjoy all your favorite retro games, from the NES to the SNES, is with a wireless controller. This lets you use all your favorite moves without getting tangled in a mess of cords. (It also gives your cat less to play with.) But, if you’ve just picked up a wireless controller for the first time, it can be a little confusing to figure out how to make it work.  We’ve got an easy guide to help you use a wireless controller, whether it’s for an NES, SNES, or a different retro system.

  • To use a wireless controller, you must have a TV with a DVI port or HDMI port. You also need the Wii sensor bar, and you must remain within 23 feet of the sensor bar.
  • Use the console controller. It is the most common controller. To use a controller, you should connect it to your TV.


How Do Wireless controllers work

It’s not a new topic for us, but wireless controllers remain a hot topic of debate: Is the convenience of not having cords worth sacrificing the precision of a wired controller? Is Bluetooth technology really good enough to replace a wired controller? Is it really possible to play a game as well with a controller?

  • A wireless controller is a device used to control an electronic device wirelessly. It sends control signals over radio frequencies to the respective device, receiving input from it and sending it to the controlling device.
  • Wireless controllers convert data received from the computer into radio signals which are then sent to your gaming console.

You don’t need to have a degree in engineering to play video games. You don’t even need to know what a controller is. But you do need to know how the controller is going to work with the game. What you need to know is how the controller communicates with the console.


Bottom Line

Wireless controllers are a great way to play your favorite SNES classics. It can help you get the best gaming experience. If you’re a gamer and you don’t own a wireless controller for your SNES classic, then that means game over. There are a lot of great classic games that are fun to play but not much fun to play on a normal gaming controller. Thankfully, there are wireless controllers that you can use with this game system so you can enjoy these classic games.

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